Dec 042002
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Dead week – the week before finals is approaching. Lots of time to kill, and let’s be honest, you would rather find anything else to do than study for the calculus final you have coming up.

One option you have for postponing that study session is drinking games. Drinking games give people another reason to drink. And people have turned almost every innocent board game or activity into a drinking game. Classic games such as quarters have become a staple in college drinking games. Every class brings new games and new versions of previous games.

Sites you can visit to learn and post new games. Remember, the Collegian encourages responsible drinking!

We have not forgotten those who choose not to drink and would rather just watch their friends makes fools of themselves. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in college drinks – so this one is for you guys.

Sober Star Wars Drinking Game:

Number of players: 2 and up

How to play:

1. Line up 10 shots of hard alcohol

2. Watch the original Star Wars Trilogy

3. Every time a Stormtrooper hits his target, take back a shot

By the time the second Deathstar has been destroyed in “Return of the Jedi”, there should be 10 shots left and everyone playing will be sober enough to drive home


A relevantly unknown game that requires skills and precision- both which are lost the longer you play this game.

Number of players: two teams of two

Materials needed: six washers (not just a clever name), two 3-sided boxes covered in carpet with three holes cut out, a chain attached to the two boxes and bottles of beer.

How to win: first team to reach 21 points


1. The first player throws three washers from the end of the opposite base. The nearest hole is worth 1point, the second hole is worth 3 and the third hole is worth 5.

2. After the first player’s turn, it’s the other team’s turn. The first player from that team throws from the same side.

3. The action of the game switches sides with the second player from the first team tossing from the opposite side. This is followed by the second player from the second team tossing from the same side (when all four players complete one turn that is one round).

4. First team to reach 21 without exceeding 21 wins the game.

5. If during a turn, a team reaches 21 and goes over then the team’s score is reduced by the number of points made during that turn (example – if a team has 18 points and a player scores 5 points, then the score is reduced to 13).

6. A player must toss all three washes even in the case if the score of 21 is achieved during the turn.

7. A player cannot try to avoid scoring by “throwing away” a toss. In situations such as a team reaching 21 in middle of a turn, or as exceeded the score of 21, all tosses must hit base to allow a fair game.

8. Washers knocked in by another team’s toss counts – do not remove the washes from the base until the action of the game switches over to the other side.

9. A team can cancel a score made by the opposing team by tossing a washer in the same hole during the next immediate turn on that side of the game.

10. The team that scores last throws first on the next round.

Now comes the alcohol part – house rules can declare that all players must have a beer in their hands during all tosses. Also, if declared by the house, players of a team must drink in equivalent to the number of points scored by a team during each round.

Beer Pong:

Number of Players: two teams of two

Materials needed: at least12 cups of beer, a ping pong ball and a table.


1. Arrange half of the cups of beer in a diamond shape on each side of the table

2. Turns are made by each team trying to toss the ping pong ball into the other team’s cups.

3. When a successful toss is made, that cup of beer must be drunk by the other team.

4. reposition the cups closer after each successful toss

5. When all the cups on one side have been cleared the team that cleared those wins.

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