Dec 042002
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Associated Students of CSU spent nearly an hour debating the difference between a bill and a resolution Wednesday evening.

The discussion arose over ASCSU’s decision to pass a bill that endorses the creation of the Center for Studies in Beckett and Contemporary Theatre Practice. Senator Jason Huitt, college of natural sciences, argued strongly that the bill be changed to a resolution.

“A bill, in my opinion, should take action,” Huitt said. “This is an opinion; it should be in the form of a resolution.” Passing the legislation as a bill would mean it would have to removed if ASCSU’s opinion changed in following years. Passing it as a resolution would require the center to ask ASCSU for endorsement if they need it in the future.

Senator Andy Warner, college of business, didn’t see a problem with it being passed as a bill. He doesn’t think there will be a time when ASCSU wants to remove its support.

“It’s my own thought that being realistic, I’m wondering when a student body isn’t going to support a program like this,” Warner said.

President David Bower brought to attention the recent vote by the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Higher Education that approved a credit cap. If passed into legislation, this would only allow in-state students the benefit of in-state tuition until they have taken 140 credits. After they reach this limit, they would be charged out-of-state tuition.

“It’s going to hurt us a lot in terms of money. It’s going to hurt us a lot in terms of enrollment,” Bower said. “They would be doing away with the best students in the state.” Bower encouraged ASCSU members to protest the credit cap.

“It’s a major goal for next semester to see what we can do to eliminate any idea of a credit cap,” Bower said.

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