Dec 042002
Authors: Paul Franco

Friday, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band will be performing at the Aggie. The Band has played as the backup band for such renowned musicians as Miles Davis and Elvis Costello. They play New Orleans type jazz fused with bebop, funk, R&B and pop to make them one of the leading brass bands in the music scene today.

I haven’t heard of Phish coming around anytime soon, so what’s the next best thing? Why it’s everyone’s favorite Phish cover band, Phix! On Saturday Phix will be hitting the stage of the Aggie with Changes, an acoustic jam band from Detroit.

If your jam fix isn’t satisfied on by Saturday, something is seriously wrong with you and you should seek professional help. That help may be in the form of Ekoostik Hookah who will bring their jamming ways to the Aggie on Wednesday.

And on the 12th, something other than jam music will take over the stage of the Aggie. It’s shocking, I know, but GZA/Genius from the much celebrated, oft-imitated Wu-Tang Clan will be bringing his solo act to Fort Collins. J-Live, one of hip-hop’s best underground MC’s, will open for GZA.

The following week at the Aggie promises to be musically fulfilling for both would-be hippies and hip-hop heads alike. So, get your asses to the Aggie.

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