Marijuana dangers ignored

Dec 012002
Authors: Eric Nelson

To the Editor:

I believe your Mary Jane article could have been re-named: “Marijuana, it’s great! Here, try some!” Do you edit your content at all? It’s one thing to print an editorial about legalization of marijuana, an issue on which I stand neutral at this time because both sides make very good points, but it is quite another to put an article in the entertainment section promoting recreational drug use in the same spirit as a recent free skiing article. We were told what to smoke, how to smoke it (including detailed instructions to make paraphernalia) how to get it, how great it is to get “baked,” how less damaging it is than cigarettes, and even how lenient the penalties are and how profitable it is to grow and sell marijuana. All right, sign me up! We have enough problems with drug use in our university without our newspaper telling impressionable freshmen how great and easy it is. I can’t wait for the next articles in the series: “Crack, what a blast!!” and “Date rape, a tutorial” Next time, check your conscience, if you have one, before blatantly promoting damaging activities.

Eric Nelson

Veterinary Medicine

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