Nov 212002
Authors: Collegian Staff

A tax proposal on the Nov. 5 ballot that would have given additional funding for various transportation projects in Fort Collins was struck down by 10 votes, according to the final election results posted by Larimer County.

A recount of the votes is currently underway for Fort Collins Issue 2C, as mandated by state law for any race or issue in which the difference in the outcome is less than 0.5 percent. The measure would have raised the sales tax in Fort Collins by 25 cents for every $100 and add a 1 percent tax on all new construction in Fort Collins besides unsubsidized housing. Final results show 19,496 people voted for 2C, while 19,506 voted against.

Final results of the issue were delayed from Nov. 5 until late Wednesday because of a hundreds of provisional ballots that were yet to be counted. This year was the first election where voters who were believed to be registered and did not receive an absentee ballot or were not on the list of voters in the precinct could fill out a provisional ballot and vote. The ballots came into play in close races like 2C and the 7th Congressional race between Democrat Mike Feeley and Republican Bob Beauprez. Beauprez prevailed in that race by 122 votes.

Some of the projects 2C promised to fund were the widening of sections of Lemay Avenue and Timberline road, improving the Mason Street corridor and repairing some damaged intersections.

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