Nov 212002
Authors: Peter Halseide

In the opinion posted by Steven Shulman in Monday’s paper, he writes “Hostility to Zionism itself is inherently anti-Semitic since it rejects Jewish sovereignty over a small sliver of the Middle East…”

However, readers may be shocked to find out (as I was) that many Jewish people themselves oppose Zionism. My limited research for this letter has shown that there are in fact many Jewish movements, groups and organizations that hold the position that any form of Zionism is heresy and that the existence of the so-called “state of Israel” is illegitimate (to paraphrase a quote from

I realize we need to be careful on both sides. I am not commenting on Shulman’s critique of “Zionist conspiracies” to “govern the United States or the Middle East.” I am just making the point there are lots of people opposed to Zionism not just “anti-Semites.”

The land of Palestine is rich in history and conflict. Many Palestinians in the area are Christians, and they too suffer with others in the occupied areas. At a time when many Americans are glad to have the strong hand of the United Nations involved in Iraq, it is a helpful reminder that the UN, acting on the same wished of the world issued resolution UNSCR 242, among others, which requires both the “withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories occupied” in 1967, and the “acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.” Thus far the UN resolution has been ignored by Israel.

International recognition of both a Jewish and Palestinian state may be helpful to bring peace in this region. It does not follow that one is “anti-Semite” if one supports a Palestinian state.

Peder Halseide


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