Nov 212002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

It would be nice if we could always have everything we wanted, and the world just cooperated. Unfortunately, that’s now how it works out most of the time. You have to make sacrifices, and work with people to make the world someplace we can all live in.

CSU has to cut a total of $8.4 million dollars from their budget for the fiscal year 2003. It’s a lot of money, and it’s going to require some sacrifices from students and staff to make it happen, but it’s what we have to do for Colorado.

The university has decided to use $2.4 million of reserve funds, impose hiring and spending restrictions for another $2.5 million and get the remaining $3.5 million from other reserves and current revenue.

The hiring and spending restrictions will include facilities management working fewer hours with a smaller staff. They will no longer be cleaning professor’s offices at night, and the budget for landscaping work will be reduced. For the time being, there are no plans to reduce cleaning of classrooms.

Other restrictions will include not rehiring for vacancies that result from retirement or resignation. The administration has no plans to reduce faculty through layoffs.

These are hard times. The struggling economy is making life more difficult for everyone, and CSU is doing its part, as everyone else should be. So maybe professors will have to clean their own offices, or we won’t have such detailed landscaping. Who here came for the pretty petunias? We’re here to learn, to get an education, to do research. The administration is doing everything in its power to not hurt our standing as an excellent undergraduate education and research institution. The janitorial staff is like a valet at an expensive restaurant. It’s nice, but when times are tough, do you cut the valet, or the cook?

Nobody is looking forward to the reductions, but if the administration continues to put as careful consideration into future cuts as they have into these, CSU will continue as a valuable institution of learning.

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