What is an American?

Nov 202002
Authors: Brian Szmyd

After reading Ken Hammer’s article on Wednesday “Proud to be an American”, I am left in confusion. The article seems to try and make the point that other people do not like we “United States citizens” using the term “American” in reference to ourselves. Ken later tries to solves this “dilemma” with the calling himself a “Statesican”. I wonder if this article was written Tuesday night to meet some computer science department-like submission deadline at midnight?

The term “American” is not only given to us by ourselves but most every country in the world just as the term “German” is given. There is no such place as “Germany” in German speaking countries, so I ask, should we go back and re-name every country in the world in our Encyclopedias? United States itself is ambiguous as there are many countries that are a unity of many states, so the Statesican is not going to work either. Perhaps Ken would allow us to each give a longitude and latitude to identify our places of origin?

“And sir, what country are you visiting us from?” “Oh, I’m from 45.938 north, 38.299 east.”

I mean com’on. Let’s not pick around every little thing people. This just seems to me another liberal article written by someone who spends their life trying to find things they can complain about, as I recall back to one of Ken’s early articles bad-mouthing Windows XP.

In closing, I am proud to be an American. Jose, go ahead and call yourself whatever you like. Call yourself an Earthling if you like, but I feel sorry for you if it’s not enough to identify yourself as a Puerto Rican.

Brian Szmyd

Junior, Computer Science

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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