The most random Ram

Nov 202002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

“I am the most random person I have ever met,” said freshman sociology major Tyler Pike. He recalled the time during his senior prom when his mother suggested that he ask a girl to this dance that he considered overrated. Pike did the exact opposite. He took a male friend of his and dressed up as a female. The outfit was elaborate and included painted nails, water balloons in his chest with hair popping out, a dress, high heels and make-up.

“My weekends here all mesh into one,” he said. Even though Pike’s weekends are not defined from one another, he has fond memories of a particular time that stood out so far at CSU. It was when he, again, dressed as a female for Halloween and attended parties.

He developed his personality from his father. Other unique talents Pike holds entail doing handstands on benches in public and drinking a glass of water using only his feet.

“I like to bug people,” he said. “I am a huge nuisance.” Pike enjoys bothering people while they are studying and annoying people when they are attempting to concentrate.

“My favorite things to do are snowboard, smoke everything and socialize,” he said. When Pike is snowboarding, he gains enjoyment out of collecting snow on his board and throwing it down on people while he is riding the lift, or just plain spitting on people. He also has fun tackling his friends while they are cruising down the slopes.

Although Pike lives his life in a wacky manner, he knows how to have sober fun. He watches out for his friends to ensure that they do not get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated.

“I am anti-driving drunk,” Pike said.

He experienced trouble of his own while driving. Several years ago, he came extremely close to falling asleep behind the wheel of his Blazer and was reported to the police because he was swerving immensely. The incident resulted in a $500 fine and 24 hours of community service among other consequences. He now keeps sunflower seeds with him when he is one the road because doing something with his mouth keeps him awake.

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