Nov 202002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Thanksgiving Break in Fort Collins

Jodi Friedman

The week of Thanksgiving does not necessarily have to be spent with families. Although the majority of CSU students drive or fly home to stay with their parents for the turkey holiday, a number of people remain in Fort Collins. The town becomes quiet and these individuals must find ways to occupy their time during the nine days without school.

“I plan to round up what freshman girls are left and have a Thanksgiving party at the dorms,” said sophomore business management major Nick Donaldson. All of the dorms remain open during break for students who will not make it home for the holiday. There are always small groups of people who occupy the dorms and they can enjoy quiet time or party together.

“I have a Five Mountain Season Pass and I am going to take advantage of my last Thanksgiving Break from school to hit the slopes,” said senior psychology major Kate Hager. The time off of school is ideal for skiers and snowboarders to take a trip up to the mountains. Students who will be in Colorado have a short drive to the ski resorts.

“I will be in Fort Collins practicing football to help win another Conference Championship,” said senior marketing and finance major Jeff Flora. A handful of CSU athletes are required to stay in town and practice their sports the entire week. Some of the teams include football, men’s and women’s basketball, and the spirit squads.

“Screw Thanksgiving dinner,” said junior psychology major Brett Burin. “I am going to the bars.” One of the main purposes of Thanksgiving is to eat a turkey dinner and give thanks. On the other hand, it is not a rule to enjoy the dinner. The time off can also be spent going out with friends and socializing.

Skiing, practicing sports and socializing are productive activities for the holiday. Another way to utilize free time simply involves watching hours of television and catching up on sleep or just lying around and doing nothing.

For students who will be in Fort Collins and wish to join with friends on that Thursday night but do not wish to cook, certain restaurants will be open and plan to serve Thanksgiving items such as turkey, ham, stuffing, pumpkin pie and more. Boston Market will be open at 10:30 a.m. and will close early at 5 p.m. Customers can order and pick entire feasts minus the cooking.

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