Nov 202002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Marijuana known by any other name would be just as illegal. Why is that? I n fact, weed is illegal in large part because of the power of newspapers. It all started when DuPont and his close friend William Randolph Hearst got together and decided ganja should be illegal. DuPont was worried that hemp would be a cheaper, more durable manufacturing product than his company’s synthetic materials. So the two set out to convince the public that weed was killing the youth. We can come up with a few better reasons as to why it might be a good idea to go ahead and legalize weed.

Financially, the government could really benefit from Mary Jane taxation. Who’s making the money from buds now? One reason to legalize weed is because if it were legal, law enforcement would have a lot more free time to catch actual criminals.

Marijuana can also be less dangerous than alcohol and/or cigarettes. Smoking marijuana may be more harmful to your own lungs, but it seems to be less harmful in the form of second hand smoke: i.e. it doesn’t give as severe an asthma attacks and mothers who are casually exposed in passing (not users) are less likely to hurt an unborn fetus.

Although weed can make people lazy and super unmotivated to do work, lots of alcohol doesn’t exactly make for the most shining examples of citizenry either (see the Campus Blotter). Since when does the government make stuff that’s bad for us illegal? Overall, if cigarettes and alcohol should remain legal, we don’t see any overwhelmingly good evidence against legalization of pot.

It is important for the government to tightly regulate it, though, just as they do alcohol, and assure regulation would improve the effects of the drug, not make things worse. So in the only words uttered by Peter Tosh that anyone remembers, “legalize it.” It is past due.

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