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Nov 202002
Authors: Rachel Hassell

To the Editor:

Ahh, the college life…it’s worry-free, for most. The traditional student has gone straight into college from high school with mom and dad paying for tuition and living expenses, giving the student the freedom to concentrate on course work, and giving the student security that they will indeed have the opportunity to complete their degree program.

As a 34 year old single mother of two completing my first semester in college, it’s often frustrating to see how some traditional students take this freedom for granted, as I am paying for my education and living expenses all on my own. This is not a bitter message, as I have paved my own road and take full responsibility for that. Thank goodness I have found the right bend in the road, albeit much later than socially expected.

I am asking for understanding and involvement. As have 114 other student parents in Larimer County, I have lost my Colorado Child Care Assistance Program benefits. CCCAP made quitting my life as I knew it in Denver and moving to Fort Collins to attend CSU full-time a possibility. The CCCAP cutbacks have made this move and this first semester a moot point for me, as attending CSU without this assistance is impossible.

As CCCAP is largely state funded, I respectfully urge ALL students, professors and faculty to call the Governor’s office (303-866-2471) to demand reconsideration of these cutbacks. All student parents ask for is the same opportunity given students whose parents are paying for their education. Rather than living on welfare the rest of our lives, help give us the opportunity to excel, to be the best we can be, and to be able to more effectively give back to the community upon graduation and subsequent employment.

My sincere thanks to Adrienne Hoenig for covering the “hotly debated” issue of Colorado Child Care Assistance Program cutbacks, and more specifically attending the public meeting of the 2003 Larimer County Budget.

Rachel Hassell

Economics Major

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