Nov 202002
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

In light of recent budget cuts, CSU has instated a freeze of state classified employment, and departments such as facilities management have developed plans to reduce their budgets.

The plans come after an announcement by CSU that the university will return $8 million to the state after a statewide budget reduction ordered by Gov. Bill Owens.

The online job listing for CSU,, is currently empty.

Brian Chase, the director of facilities management at CSU, said the department is careful not to make cuts that would affect students directly. The department is making cuts with support facility, which includes the maintenance of staff and department offices. Classrooms and general areas of buildings on campus should not be affected, Chase said.

David Wasnick, who has worked for facilities management for a year, said he is in support of the cuts in cleaning faculty and staff offices.

“I’m strong against cleaning offices (of faculty). As far as I know, this is one of the last universities to have facilities management to clean them,” Wasnick said.

He hopes professors and staff will help pitch in and understand the priorities of facilities management.

Wasnick also said the department is an understaffed as it is and with the freezing of jobs, he expects the department to be more short-handed.

“We have emphasis to make strategic cuts, not affecting students and what they pay for (at CSU),” Chase said.

Before the decision was made, Chase sent an e-mail to professors and staff about the proposal. Chase said that in general, staff and facility have been supportive of the decision and understand the situation.

With CSU’s budget concerns, several areas on campus are under review to cut costs. With a $13 million budget, and 400 employees, between 50 and 100 being students, the facilities management is working on trying to reduce spending by 5 to 7 percent.

“Basically, what we are trying to do is not fill positions that open because people leave or because they retire, and retain our staff as much as possible,” said Sandy Sheahan, manager of customer service at facilities management.

In regards to employee’s salaries and bonuses, Chase does not anticipate a reduction in pay for the department; however, open positions from vacancies and retirement are not likely to be immediately filled.

Along with reducing the number of times offices are cleaned, Chase also said there are plans to reduce the amount of grounds maintenance on campus. This includes the amount of landscaping done to the campus. The plans are expected to go into effect in July 2003.

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