Nov 192002
Authors: Craig Latze

To the Editor:

I am a non-smoker, smoke bothers me a lot and I don’t like it. I do not want this “protection” or whatever they’re trying to spin this piece of legislature to be. I have protection in that I live in a place with choice and options. I go to bars like SportsCasters and others that do not have smoke, and I see no problem with others making the choice to go elsewhere where there is smoke.

Government’s job is not to legislate and enforce popular (or unpopular) opinion onto others. It is not the government’s job to impose social morays onto all people. All citizens of Fort Collins, all employees, etc. have the choices in where they eat, have fun, and work. If you pass this measure, you take that choice away.

Back in the early 1900s, people actually though smoking was GOOD for you, and smoking was widely accepted, yet I don’t see laws anywhere requiring smoking in certain places. Now our understanding has changed and we see the dangers. Smoking has also become extremely frowned-upon by many segments of society, including myself.

Please don’t make my personal opinions about smoking into a law that imposes that on others. Please continue to give us the right to vote with our money and our feet, don’t legislate one group’s opinion and thus controlling others’ lifestyles and the choices of local business owners to decide what they will and won’t allow in their establishments.

One last example: We don’t ban loud music in restaurants, nightclubs, etc. yet we know loud music hurts our hearing. It is something people are going to choose to subject themselves to if they want to be in those environments…same with smoking.

Get your laws out of my personal life and the running of private enterprise.

Craig Latzke

Fort Collins Resident

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