Nov 192002
Authors: Kyle Endres

Student organizations will have an opportunity to improve their programming, save money and be rewarded for their efforts next semester.

The Student Organizations Office will be adding a resource center for student organizations and an awards and recognition program for members of student organizations for next semester.

The resource center will be a place where student organizations can access materials such as computers, papers, poster materials and flyer materials. Programs would also be run to help organizations with leadership, diversity and programming ideas.

The center will also be a great opportunity for student organization members to meet each other, said Pam Sampson, assistant director for student involvement with the Campus Activities Center and coordinator of the Student Organizations Office.

“I think the bottom line philosophy is wanting a place where people can be together,” she said. “We’ve heard a lot over the years of student organizations wanting to be better connected.”

The resource center has had difficulty finding funding from the Associated Students of CSU but recently received $10,000 from the Parent’s Fund, a group of CSU parents and friends who promote the betterment of the campus. Linda Kuk, vice-president for Student Affairs, gave this money to the office.

“Right now each of (the student organizations) has limited resources,” Kuk said. “There’s going to be a variety of things in (the resource room) that organizations by themselves wouldn’t have access to.”

The $10,000 funding will be used for start-up fees, with part of the yearly maintenance fees possibly coming from the groups themselves. Although there has been no final decision, each group who plans on using the center will likely give a $10 maximum per semester to the Student Organizations Office for facility maintenance and supply replenishment, Sampson said.

“The shared costs would be minimal compared to the cost of going out to buy things themselves,” Kuk said.

The awards and recognition program will reward student organizations and their members for outstanding contributions and service in five categories: the organization in general, marketing, community service, programming and leadership.

“It’s too bad that CSU has gone for so long without a recognition program,” said Beth Tucker, a Student Organizations Office student staff member and chair of the Lory Student Center Governing Board. “While I don’t think students feel a need to be recognized, I think they should be recognized.”

A committee of experts in each of the given categories will decide the award winners. The only stipulation for award application is that a person or group must be registered with the Student Organizations Office.

“The big thing is making sure that student leaders, the CSU campus and the Fort Collins community know about the great things that are going on,” Tucker said. “Our big emphasis is getting the word out and making sure the outstanding and hard work that student leaders are doing throughout the year is being known.”

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