Nov 182002
Authors: Amy Bergstrom

The first round has begun in the search for new Resident Assistants. New RAs for spring semester and the 2003-04 school year will be selected in the coming months.

The selection of new RAs is a three-step process, said Calla Pott, assistant director of residence life for training and selection. The first step is to attend an informational meeting, two of which remain, Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Edwards Hall TV lounge and Wednesday at noon in the Lory Student Center rooms 214 and 216.

Next, applicants must enroll in a section of the Introduction to Residence Life class. This is a group study class, Pott said, that takes place during the first eight weeks of spring semester. “It’s an opportunity for us to see the candidates, and they get to see residence life,” Pott explained.

The class gives instruction on communication skills, diversity awareness, ethics and leadership skills, among other things, Pott said.

Finally, candidates must enroll in or have taken a global/cross-cultural awareness class. This class ensures that candidates have awareness of diversity matters.

“Residence Life is very committed to diversity,” Pott said. “It’s important for candidates to understand diversity.”

An RA’s job focuses on four main areas, Pott continued. RAs help students transition to CSU, help students understand diversity issues, help them become more involved on their floor and on campus, and create a community of mutual respect.

Although the perks of being an RA – like the equivalent of a free single room and board – are motivating factors, potential RAs should have other reasons for wanting to be one, said Theresa McCullar, a sophomore in environmental health and an RA in Ingersoll Hall.

“Remember that it’s a huge time commitment. Room and board isn’t a reason to choose it. You have to like people and want to help people,” McCullar said.

Potential RAs are attracted by the leadership and social opportunities that the RA program provides. “It’s a good leadership opportunity, it looks good on applications to med school, and it’s a way to meet lots of new people,” said Lauren Myers, a freshman biological sciences major.

More information on becoming an RA is available online at or at the remaining informational sessions.

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