Nov 182002
Authors: Sarri Salman

I did not have the opportunity to attend the Ashour lecture Prof. Shulman commented on in Monday’s guest column, and certainly cannot address the issues he raised. However, certain statements on his part merit review. First, both books mentioned (“One Nation Under Israel,” and “They Dare To Speak Out”) are readily available on Reader and editorial reviews can be found there to further assist one in purchasing decisions. That is hardly an explicitly racist and anti-Semitic website. Furthermore, “They Dare To Speak Out” was written by Paul Findley, a congressman from 1961-1983. It can be safely assumed that his lengthy tenure in Washington, D.C. exposed him to the issues of influence and money that he discusses in the book.

The relationship between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism can be at times tenuous. While anti-Semitism is clearly a racist ideology, modern Zionism represents a political movement. The reality of Israel has clearly been accepted by Arab nations who offered the Jewish state comprehensive peace (Beirut Declaration, March 2002). Thus, opposition to Zionist policies represents but one facet of political discourse.

The equation of anti-Zionism to racism is but a clever attempt to suppress dialogue on complex issues facing Arabs and Israelis, and shift focus away from the path to lasting peace.

Sarri Salman

Graduate Student


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