Nov 182002
Authors: Collegian Staff

The city council will consider Anti-Smoking Ordinances today at City Council Chambers at 300 West Laporte.

After three years of debate, the city council will review five possible amendments to a model ordinance developed by the Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Association.

If passed, the amendments would allow the council to choose to approve or disapprove smoking in outdoor areas, limit or eliminate smoke-free perimeters outdoors or allow designated smoking areas in certain types of establishments.

Ann Watson, the spokeswoman for the Larimer County Department of Environmental Health, said that according to surveys, Fort Collins community members support the idea of a more smoke-free community.

“I definitely think it’s a fact that the public supports it,” she said.

The meeting will be open to the public and community members are encouraged to stand up and offer their opinions, Watson said.

Watson explained that some facilities such as bingo parlors, bowling alleys and bars may see changes if the ordinance is passed.

Other areas in Colorado, including Snowmass, Telluride, Montrose and Alamosa, have adopted smoking restrictions in restaurants and bars. But this will remain a difficult decision for Fort Collins council members.

“The process will be challenging for the council to deal with all the amendments,” said Carrie Daggett, an attorney in the city’s attorney office.

If passed, the ordinance will need a second reading, which may take place on Dec. 17.

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