Nov 172002
Authors: Reed Saunders

SAN DIEGO – I don’t like asking for things. Never wanted to appear “needy,” per se.

So when I had a real desire to go to San Diego for the fun, the sun and the CSU football contest this past weekend, I was in a bind.

The Collegian has no money. We are to newspapers what the Indians were to baseball in “Major League” – no hot water, no therapy equipment, taking bi-planes to games.

That’s us. Nickle and dime delight.

Never did I expect my prince to appear – let alone in the form of the CSU Alumni Relations department.

I’d met Mike Davis, director of A.R., on a couple occasions and, after mentioning my plight, he stepped up with a flight.

Thus, I was on my way to San Diego, courtesy of loyal alumni dollars. But I had no place to stay.

Enter princes Nos. 2, 3 and 4 in the form of Campus Television’s own Joe Carter, Cory Coppock and John Stone.

Turns out my fellow student media members had booked a hotel room and offered to let me crash – at no charge!

We’re all family, us student media members.

Meeting my alumni travel companions Friday morning, I’m expecting crusty geriatrics, rife with war stories and old man odor. What I get is three lovely ladies who work within alumni relations, chattin’ me up, friendly as can be.

I expected the gang from “Cocoon,” but got Lindsey, Jen and

Emily. Everything’s comin’ up Reeder!

Hadn’t been to the airport to fly since the 9/11 fiasco. You can’t realize how intense security has become until you actually endure its wrath. Apparently my shoes had some metal in them so I was escorted to a plastic booth with the sign: “You are here to be hand-wanded.” Hey, buy me a drink first, pal.

Getting on the plane, Rocky Mountain News reporter Randy Holtz spots me. “He’s on the plane! Reed is on the plane!” he says, to which I fire back, “The Collegian is here, baby!” Surprisingly, that didn’t come out as cool as it sounded in my head.

Back to the freeloading: the CTV guys were on a later flight, so my original plan was to wait for them a few hours to grab a ride to the hotel.

Turns out Holtz and Fort Collins Coloradoan writer Tony Pfifer are staying in the same hotel and, in the spirit of my good fortune, OFFER me a ride! On top of that, they offer me lunch! Everything’s coming waaaay too easy.

After a night on the town filled with great food, too many drinks and too many Reed dance moves, Saturday and game time, was upon us.

Immediately preceding the game was the biggest tailgate party going on in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot.

That’s right, the CSU Alumni tailgate party. Beers, brats and beers – again, on the house for Reed.

I had no idea just how far the Alumni Association goes to put on a good time. The party was filled with CSU alums from California and surrounding areas. Friday night, the AA hosted a rally at a downtown steak restaurant. Truly impressive. Almost makes me WANT to graduate.

Guess all the luck caught up with me when I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. Sunday to catch my flight while the CTV guys I’d been partying with got to sleep until their 2 p.m. departure.

But all in all, what a crazy nice feeling to have a weekend like this – people offering me stuff, taking care of me, being extremely good-hearted and not asking for much in return.

Hell, I even came home to find my roommate’s parents doing yardwork at our house! Why? I don’t like asking.

Reed is a senior journalism major.

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