Nov 172002
Authors: Tim Pennington

Thursday was just like any other normal day. I took a test, I rode my bike back to the Durrell center and sat down with my favorite dorm food to read and enjoy my favorite newspaper, the Collegian.

I had just put an apple fritter in my mouth when I saw your headline by Kelly Gillen — “Seasonal Jobs are as fictional as Santa”–and was horrified! I managed to swallow that fritter and started pouring over the article looking for answers.

I couldn’t believe it — 18 years of my life I had believed in Santa and now after just casually reading my schools newspaper my whole view of Christmas has changed.

The one tradition of home that I thought I could bring up to college, the love and joy that Santa Claus is and brings, has now been destroyed. I had heard that your ethics and values would be challenged when coming to college but I had no idea it would come to this.

I hope you are ashamed and disgusted to know that a reader had to find out that Santa wasn’t real just by reading this article. When you look in the mirror Kelly Gillen, I want you to take a deep look at yourself and ask what kind of a person are you. I hope you are happy now. Merry Christmas.

Tim Pennington

Freshman, Speech Communications

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