Nov 142002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Last week, to the delight of many – including this editorial board – Amendment 31 failed to pass.

However, a Colorado state legislator seems to think he can ignore what the citizens want and push his own agenda.

The Rocky Mountain News reported Thursday that Rep. Richard Decker, R-Fountain, says he is working on a bill that would make English immersion the standard method for teaching students who enter school with limited English proficiency.

The News said “he may well come up with a more sensible version of that plan than the initiative sponsored by Ron Unz, but the fact remains that voters said no to Unz’s plan and no one knows whether they would have approved a measure with the same goals but fewer defects.”

The News was optimistic about the proposal in its pages, but this newspaper thinks Decker’s goals are a slap in the face to voters.

The voting public rejected Amendment 31 – that is what we want. That should be the law. Why should this politico make another law after the state decided what it wants?

If there are to be changes in how English is taught to Spanish-speaking children, it should be decided by voters in local elections – just like it was last week.

Decker is making a mockery of the democratic system and trying to push his agenda.

Voters turned down this measure a little over a week ago, and Decker is already trying to change it!

Mr. Decker, at least give the law a chance before you try and change things again.

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