Nov 142002
Authors: Laura Kath

Kappa Delta “singled out” CSU with the second annual “Singled Out 2002” Thursday in the North Ballroom.

“Singled Out 2002 is loosely based on the MTV program,” said Ashley Rokosz a junior in resort and restaurant management. “Another chapter of Kappa Delta got the idea from the old MTV show and we heard about the idea from them.”

The planning for the event started in August and was just wrapped up a few days ago, said Erica Rockler, a sophomore in microbiology. Rockler also said last year’s event was entertaining and it would be nice to have this year’s event be at least as successful.

“Singled Out” is a game where four main contestants win a date and receive a certificate for two to dinner.

The main contestants were Parker Tuley, Ashley Davis, Samantha Perske, and Marc Kincaid.

The main contestants, who are two Greek people and two athletes, ask questions pertaining to attitude, style of clothes, and other questions that would help the contestant get to know the qualities of the other players.

The questions are a process of elimination.

“It was $6 to play and $3 to watch. We hoped to have at least 200 people and raise over $700, which is what we did last year,” Rokosz said.

“I was excited and nervous,” said Samantha Perske, a junior in finance. “My best friend is the president of the sorority and she asked me, so I said yes.”

Kappa Delta put fliers up on campus to help promote the event, Rokosz said.

“We then sent out letters to Caninos, Chili’s, Cold Stone, Bennigan’s and Kinko’s,” Rokosz said. “Those companies helped to sponsor the event and Kinko’s helped print the tickets.”

The money goes to Kappa Delta’s fall philanthropy project. The philanthropy project benefits two hospitals: the Children’s hospital in Denver and the Children’s hospital in Richmond, Va.

Fifth-year biochemistry major Marc Kincaid was happy that many students from several Greek organizations had the opportunity to assist Kappa Delta in their goal to raise money for the hospitals.

“My fraternity is the Triangle fraternity and one of our major goals is to help with philanthropy,” Kincaid said. “I was really excited to be able to help.”

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