Nov 142002
Authors: Melvin Johnson

I often have lunch at Wendy’s and read the Collegian, mostly for sports and significant happenings, but today your opinion article title caught my eye. Since I have such a low opinion of the news I wanted to see what you had to say. Wow!

How does a conservative exist in that atmosphere? When I went to Colorado A&M – yea I have gone to my 50 year reunion. It was the safe harbor for liberals and liberal thinking. Where else could they feel that only there opinions had any validity? Needless to say it was tough going then also.

Now to my feelings about the news and the press: they have no ethics or morals. If they can quote someone else, they can print it, and if it is negative and nasty, all the better. It really is time for a change in news reporting.

What would happen if the few real professionals in the country said, we are going to develop a very specific “Code of Ethics” and anyone who violates it will lose his right to continue to work. This is the case in every profession. They are judged by their peers and by a very strict set of rules.

How about: you cannot use anything that you know or suspect to not be the truth!

You cannot use or allow to be used as news anything that you know or suspect to be presented as true but has been taken out of context with the intent to misleading.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were, within the news media, a true dedication to the truth. Then you and I and everyone else could be in a position of trusting the news and believe in its accuracy.

Anyway, I was pleased with your article and wish you good luck in your future endeavors. Stick to your conservative position and beliefs.

Melvin Johnson

Fort Collins resident

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