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Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

Walking through campus on a regular day, someone may encounter numerous people and groups voicing their opinions on subjects ranging from religion and abortion to the pros and cons of engaging in war with Iraq.

This is usually accomplished by yelling, using loudspeakers or with 50-foot high posters.

However, some are choosing to take the non-aggressive, non-verbal approach to protest.

Brothers Ben and Dan Milano, 20 and 18 years old respectively, have decided to voice their views on war by standing in between the Morgan Library and the Lory Student Center holding a simple sign bearing the “Peace” mark.

“It is just something that needed to be done,” said sophomore liberal arts major Ben. “If you look at history, there’s been a lot of pain because of divisions of people…We are all the same.”

Other students passing by have taken notice and respect the quiet yet consistent presence the Milano brothers have.

“It’s really cool what they’re doing, other protestors that are loud and in your face cause a backlash from people,” said sophomore open option major Justin Krick. “These guys are out there all the time with that sign, and their message is certainly getting across.”

The brothers have been standing outside with the sign for approximately one month, and have been receiving both positive and negative reactions from students with some actually offering to help hold the sign.

“There’s a lot more people involved than just us. People are taking action in different ways,” said freshmen mechanical engineering major Dan. “We started because nobody else was doing it…war is something that has been done before, we don’t need to do it again.”

The Milano brothers are from Monument, and said they come from parents who encouraged them to think, despite never being protestors themselves.

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