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Authors: Jodi Friedman

Picture yourself in a room with over 50 percent humidity, surrounded by people of all ages and pushing your body to its maximum limit of muscular strength, balance and flexibility.

Bikram’s Yoga is a new yoga studio in Fort Collins. It practices the unique style of 26 different postures with a room heated to body temperature. Customers practice deep breathing and slowing down the constant chatter of the mind.

This class is incredibly challenging, even to people who have practiced yoga for over 20 years. The most difficult part is the first 10-to-15 minutes of this 90-minute class.

The intense humidity also plays a vital role.

Manager and instructor Daron Hays said, “The heat and humidity improve one’s ability to stretch and get deeper into the postures, as well as getting people to sweat and release toxins from the skin.”

Hays experienced personal success from this yoga, which lead him to opening this studio. He worked in construction for many years and developed serious back problems. After he started practicing yoga, the pain in his back diminished along with his need for medical attention.

Bikram’s Yoga helps recovery from past injuries, reduce injury in general, burn calories and increase both concentration and lung capacity. The need for flexibility in order to do yoga is a misconception.

“90 percent of our first time customers are very limited in their range of motion, and virtually all are amazed at how much flexibility they gain, even after only four or five classes,” Hays said.

According to the October 2002, Yoga Journal, people’s muscular strength has increased by as much as 31% after eight weeks of yoga. In addition, their muscular endurance increased by 57 percent and flexibility increased as much as 188 percent.

The science of yoga dates back 5,000 years and provides a natural release of stress.

“Our customers are a wonderful group of very supportive and compassionate people, Hays said. “Most all of them are focused on making improvements to their mind and body.”

For further information, call Bikram’s Yoga, Fort Collins at (970) 223-9642.

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