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Authors: Kelly Gillen

Students seeking a seasonal job this holiday season may have more luck landing Santa than landing a job.

Employers throughout Fort Collins are finding that there are far too many applicants for the jobs that are available.

“Within the last two weeks we have hired about 70 people,” said Michelle Nigra of the Wal-Mart Supercenter’s personnel department.

Sophomore CIS major Dan Maurer found his seasonal job at Starbucks in mid-October.

“There are a limited number of jobs and a large number of people applying,” Maurer said.

Foley’s has also already completed most of its hiring for the holiday season.

“We are almost done hiring (about 50 people), we have all our night and weekend positions filled,” said Mona Pender, human resources administrator at Foley’s.

Some employers are also expecting to keep many of those they’ve hired after the holidays.

Because of the economic downturn Pender said, “I anticipate that those who have jobs will keep them.”

“We usually run a 3-5 percent increase [in sales], but we have been pretty much flat (since last year), so we will hire a similar number of people as we did last year,” said Suzi Westhoff of Target’s human resources department.

Westhoff said Target would be hiring 40-50 people for the holiday season but that most would be seasonal only positions, with the possibility of staying on based on work performance.

A major factor in hiring for Westhoff is an applicant’s availability during the weekend of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.

Mervyn’s has also been accepting applications and doesn’t anticipate any trouble in filling all the seasonal positions they have open.

Students applying to Best Buy online will find that the Fort Collins location has received so many resumes that it is no longer accepting applications.

The post offices throughout Colorado will be hiring additional workers to help with the holiday rush. Last year’s volume reached 16.7 billon pieces nationwide and additional workers are needed to handle the volume.

According to the United States Postal Service Web site, “College students may be considered for casual (temporary) employment with the Postal Service… Tests are not required and appointments cannot lead to a career position.”

Many students anticipate trouble finding jobs this year because of a poor economy.

“Around Fort Collins the job market is horrible, companies just can’t afford to hire many people,” said Daniela Frum, a CSU alumna.

Kris Brambila, a junior Spanish major, agreed.

“It seems like past years have been easier [as far as finding a job],” Brambila said.

The Office of Student Employment is also seeking to help job seekers by calling vendors within the next week to encourage them to list available jobs on RAMweb. Student employment encourages job seekers to continue to check job listings on RAMweb, as new jobs may become available after vendor calls are made within the next week.

“We never have a problem (hiring) with all you folks (at CSU),” Pender said.

Though positions are filling up quickly, Nigra said there is still some hope for seasonal job seekers.

“Right now we are at a halt to see where we’re at, but we’re always accepting (applications) and we’re always reviewing,” she said.

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