Nov 132002
Authors: Sara Reed

I just finished reading today’s (Nov. 13) editorial on the Poudre School District school board reconsidering school of choice at its last meeting and feel the editorial board mischaracterized what actually happened.

Currently, all students in PSD and their parents can exercise a school of choice option. However, the board had considered not extending this option to the new high school that is set to open in 2004. Monday night, the school board took a recommendation to change that, thus allowing students in the new high school’s attendance area to exercise the school of choice option. This recommendation was placed on the consent calendar for the next meeting.

Also, given that schools are largely funded by the property taxes in the area, students who school of choice out to a different school are going on someone else’s dime. If you live in the Fort Collins High attendance area, that is where the property tax money goes, not to Rocky Mountain or Poudre.

Monday night’s decision was an important one, don’t cheapen it by not having the facts straight.

Sara Reed

Senior, Technical Journalism

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