Nov 132002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Wednesday night, a guest speaker from the District 1 police force spoke to the Associated Students of CSU about a new ordinance in Old Town.

The ASCSU senators also voted to approve a resolution supporting the Panhellenic Council.

District 1 officer, Mike Walker, spoke about the problems his district has faced in the area of Old Town over the past few years.

Walker said that in March 2002, officers were hired to deal with the downtown problem. In 2001, 505 disturbances occurred downtown.

The Fort Collins City Council recently gave approval for the closure of Old Town between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Walker said the officers are trying to work with the community on this issue and feels it is important. Certain problems, such as transportation issues and area business compliance, are being looked at as the process progresses.

“We want to impact as few people as possible in the town square,” Walker said.

Walker said most people are out of the area by 2 a.m. but the man force to help control disturbances is a major issue.

The reason the officers were looking for city support is so they would have a legal right to clear the area after 2 a.m.

Before the support, District 1 officer Kelly Weaver said officers were forced to wait until an actual fight broke out before they could legally do anything.

“We wanted a more proactive response,” Weaver said.

A resolution addressing the issue that didn’t support the new ordinance was removed from the table before any voting occurred.

A resolution extending congratulations to the Panhellenic Council for their achievements over the course of 100 years was passed by the count of 15-13-1.

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