Nov 132002
Authors: Holli Mast

As an Alumni Association intern, I found Antonio Diaz’ letter to the editor, “Quit asking for money” offensive and his arguments quite illogical and unfounded.

Diaz said he has received what he deems as “crap” mail from the Alumni Association asking for money. While the Alumni Association does send mail to seniors getting ready to graduate, I would hardly call it wasteful.

One of the offers Diaz may have seen in his mailbox is for an inexpensive major medical program for graduates. This service may be the only resource for people who can’t rely on university medical insurance once they graduate, or for people who are unable to find a job with insurance benefits.

Another benefit the Alumni Association mails to up and coming graduates is the Alumni Magazine. This allows seniors to get acquainted with Alumni Association’s resources and services as well as an opportunity for new alums to connect with their Alma Mater.

Secondly, to simply assume that these are ploys to ask for money is ridiculous. The purpose of the Alumni Association has nothing to do with money. The mission is to advance and support the university; develop and strengthen life long relationships among alumni, students, friends and the university community; and serve as a catalyst for communication and involvement.

This mission is evident in all of the activities the Alumni Association does – tailgate parties, homecoming events such as the pancake breakfast, reunions, networking support for career development, and the list goes on and on.

If Diaz does not want to be a part of these beneficial programs, he can simply ask to be dropped from the Alumni Association mailing list, or throw the mailings away.

I find Diaz’s apathy towards Colorado State University tragic.

Holli Mast

Alumni Association Intern

Senior, Technical Journalism

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