Nov 122002
Authors: Joelle Milholm

Times are tough for Colorado sports fans. Monday night we had to witness the destruction of our beloved Broncos by the one team that we hate the most.

Not only did we help the Raiders snap their four-game losing streak, we almost let them score as many points as Jerry Rice’s age. Thanks to the Bronco secondary giving each Raider receiver more space than the square footage of my house, the fans at Invesco Field at Mile High were only able to yell IN-COM-PLETE four times. That also might have been because Rich Gannon had enough time to read Elizabeth Vierck’s “Older is Better” before deciding to throw a pass.

The Broncos’ game plan is unclear right now, but if it does not change real soon the amount of time they share first place in the AFC West will be shorter than the time between Bill Romanowski’s name being announced and a stadium thundering with boos. If the Broncos went 2-14 in a season with their only victories coming against the Raiders, I would consider it a successful year. Our only hope is that when we face Oakland again, we run all over them and make all those criminals in Oakland feel what I am feeling right now.

Then there is the Avalanche. With a 4-4-4 record to start off the year, Colorado hockey fans are speechless. I know Chris Drury was a great player, but I am pretty sure we still have some other talent on the team that could beat most country’s Olympic teams. It might be a long season for season ticket holders who have yet to see the Avs win a game a home. Right now the Nuggets have a better winning percentage at home than the Avalanche. Yeah, that’s right, the Nuggets.

Well, then there are the Rockies. They even manage to do terrible things in the off-season. Now general manager Dan O’Dowd is considering trading the most successful player in team history, Larry Walker. Good call, we would not want to waste the money we are paying him, when we clearly should keep paying Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle those contracts they so deserve. I can’t wait for next year. The Rockies have never been able to pitch, but now they won’t be able to hit either.

Then there is that basketball team in Denver, but this is already pretty depressing so let’s not even get into that.

As dark as it may be looking right now for Colorado sports fans, there is a solution. The CSU Rams can give us many reasons to still be excited about sports. This has been a great year for Ram athletics and if things stay on track, there is no reason its success should not continue into 2003.

The football team is ranked No. 17 in the country according to the USA Today/ESPN poll with an 8-2 record. Currently undefeated in conference, with another win this weekend against San Diego State, the Rams will be one win closer to clinching the Mountain West Conference.

The volleyball team is in first place in the Mountain West and with two more wins this weekend, could capture its third straight conference title.

The women’s basketball team is ranked No. 18 in the preseason USA Today/ESPN poll and with a strong, healthy senior class, should live up to its expectations.

The club hockey team is also off to a great start and currently holds the No. 1 spot in the Western Conference.

So while the professional teams in Colorado may struggle, at least we can still get victories here in Ft. Collins. I will never give up hope for the

Broncos or the Avalanche and will be a loyal fan until the end.

But for now I am focusing on the Rams.

Joelle Milholm, sophomore, technical journalism major

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