Nov 122002
Authors: Eric Martin

I’m writing in response to Kelly Harris’ letter concerning snow shoveling in Fort Collins. I’d like to begin by stating that I myself am a retired grunt for a local landscaping and snow removal company. I have spent many a mid-winter’s morning waking to the dreaded 3:00 a.m. phone call ordering me to get to work in 30 minutes because mother nature had touched down once again during the mere hour I had been asleep. It was cold, it was wet, but overall it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Anyway, if anyone can agree with your opinion that shoveling a walk is no big deal, it’s yours truly. However, I have a problem with the mandatory shoveling law. If I could somehow make myself believe the reason for the law is solely to save the lives of slipping people, I’d be all for it. I’m definitely in the business of protecting the innocent.

This isn’t necessarily the case though. Perhaps some politicians have created this jurisdiction as an attempt to control the wild, rambunctious portion of this city’s population that bombards the “real residents” with that evil rap music, late night nuisance, and unbearable traffic nine months out of every calendar year. I’m suggesting that the legislation can be viewed as a parental statute, and I am personally offended by such an act.

We are the leaders of tomorrow (I apologize for the clich/), so we should be treated with respect today. In a perfect world, we’d all shovel the drive without a slap on the hand. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need my mom telling me to clean my room anymore. The truth is some people just won’t shovel. You can fine them, you can choke them, and you can even kick them out of school, but do you honestly think the eyesore of snow on a walk is worth all this hoopla?

The snow shoveling law is unnecessary and should be negated. Put down your shovels CSU students. Bring an end to this nonsense before it gets out of hand.

Eric Martin

Senior Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering

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