Nov 122002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Poudre School Board thinks it is important high school students have a choice when it comes to the school they wish to attend.

Monday, the board put a measure allowing students and parents to choose the high school of their choice on the consent items portion of the agenda for the Nov. 25 meeting. This makes it likely that it will pass, and is a complete turnaround from last spring when the board said it would not allow students to choose the school and would be required to stay within district-made boundaries.

Student/parent school choice became an issue after the district decided to build a new high school, which is to open in fall, 2004.

We like this idea because we feel if you pay taxes that support the school system, choice of school almost seems like an inherent right.

Also, many students may choose a school based on the curriculum and teachers at the school of choice. We feel this choice will allow students to feel more comfortable in their surroundings and better equipped to learn – which is what students are there for, right?

Some members on the board mentioned last night that they were concerned about the ability to fill the new schools and the old high schools are not overcrowded.

We think the board is right to assure things are done correctly and that this transition is as smooth as possible.

We also applaud the board for seemingly having the students best interests in mind by allowing them to decide their school and being fair because the other parents and students in the district already have a school choice.

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