Nov 112002
Authors: W. Michael Mebane

To the Editor:

The International Certification Institute (ICI) recently announced the Certified MBA (CMBA) – the first and only certification program developed to enhance MBA marketability and hiring decisions. The exam has generated a great deal of interest. Because Colorado State enrolls a significant number of MBA students, I would like to address some of the questions they may have.

The test measures the core curriculum portion of MBA Programs, consistent with the AACSB-specified content for accreditation. Because of this focus, the exam can be applied universally, regardless of a student’s MBA program or area of specialty. The test is not intended to predict business success, leadership or other intangible qualities – factors that we agree would be difficult to measure with a standardized test. It will also not be used in any way to rank programs. Because of the voluntary nature of the exam, ranking schools based on test results would not be statistically relevant.

The CMBA designation is a tool for MBAs and businesses to use as a means of differentiation, regardless of the program granting an individual’s degree. Certification verifies knowledge of the fundamentals, allowing recruiters to focus on a candidate’s intangible qualities. We are available to any member of your institution to answer questions or offer additional clarification about the exam. I also invite your MBA students to apply for the CMBA ‘beta’ exam – a chance to earn the designation of CMBA at no cost between now and January 31.

Thank you,

W. Michael Mebane

Managing Director, International Certification Institute

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