NY to CSU to Vegas

Nov 062002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Sean O’Donahue is either on his way to the FBI or NYPD.

He is a senior who is double majoring in criminal justice. He just received his NYPD acceptance letter and has family history in that particular police department. The attraction to work for the FBI is also present for O’Donahue because he is drawn to solve big crime problems.

“I am more concerned with larger crime than if someone under 21 is drinking,” he said. Although heavy dangers are associated with both jobs, his main fear involves the well being of his family and friends if something were to happen to him. O’Donahue said, “Never lose touch with those who you are close to.”

In addition to his impressive career goals, he has also played the bagpipe for five years and the guitar for nine years. He is a talented singer and highly enjoys karaoke night at Diamond’s.

O’Donahue has faced a couple of terrible experiences with drunk drivers. The first one occurred last year when he was on his way to pick up intoxicated friends. Another vehicle smashed into him and shot him clear to the other side of his car. The drunk driver drove away but police eventually caught him in an on-foot chase.

The second incident happened one month ago when O’Donahue’s younger brother came horrifically close to losing his life. He rode in a car with two intoxicated friends and they collided with another car. He made it out okay but the other two boys in the car were not so lucky. One died and the other is still in the hospital. The two terrifying incidents made O’Donahue come to terms with the fact that nothing should ever be taken for granted. He also feels a strong responsibility for the actions of his friends.

O’Donahue was born in West Nyack, N.Y. He moved to Colorado when he was ten because his father had a job transfer. His favorite memory as a CSU Ram was last year when he and four close friends decided to take a sparatic trip to Las Vegas. Their main goal was to see Britney Spears perform but they received more than they bargained for. O’Donahue and his friends ended up in the penthouse suite of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. A high-rolling connection got them the room for free and the next five days were some of O’Donahue’s greatest.

If he were to give advice to other people, he would tell them just to “be happy no matter what you do.”

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