Listen to us now Musgrave

Nov 062002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Your TVs are free from political ads. The candidates are chosen – except for the new boys from district seven – and the initiatives will soon become law. The election may be over, but the impact of this election could be felt in our everyday lives from here on out.

First, we have a new representative in the 4th District. Many of you will graduate soon and may not care about who represents this area, but many of you may stick around and you freshman and sophomores will have to get to know your new Congresswoman, Marilyn Musgrave.

We are worried about this district as it faces many new challenges in the near future. Transportation and growth are huge issues facing this area and we felt Stan Matsunaka was the best candidate to deal with these issues because of moderate views and ability to work with both parties.

Now, we could complain that we don’t like that Musgrave won, but she did. We just call upon her to face these new challenges and keep all of her new constituents in mind when supporting policy that could benefit this area.

We ask her to keep all of us in mind, not just her supporters, when she decides what to vote on and what we, in this district, need.

Finally, some other highlights from yesterday’s election:

* Republicans stripped the U.S. Senate away from Democrats and now have control of the both the legislative and executive branch. With this power, they could soon appoint Supreme Court judges that could be more sympathetic to the Republican agenda. We are wary of this because it is not good to have one party to have all the control. If things go right, they can take the credit; if things go wrong, they will take the blame.

* Amendment 31 failed and is the only state to shoot down this measure when similar amendments went to vote in other states. California and Massachusetts have already passed amendments similar to 31. Amendment 31 would have banned bilingual education in public schools. Our View did not endorse this amendment and we are happy it failed.

* Apparently voters are sick of the corrupting influence of money on elections. Amendment 27 passed with around 63 percent of the vote. The Collegian was on the fence with this and we truly hope the amendment does what it intends – take away soft money influence on Colorado elections.

We hope you voted and hope you stay or get politically active. We will inherent this world very soon. Let’s make sure it is good one.

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