Nov 052002
Authors: Josh Hardin

Last year Pi Kappa Phi logged in the most volunteer hours of Greek organizations on the CSU campus.

The fraternity had 1, 269.5 hours for the whole year. For the fall semester they logged 458.5 hours and 810 hours for the spring semester.

“The Chapter strives to excel in all areas on their campus and to attain the highest ideals Pi Kappa Phi has to offer. They are committed to ‘building better men’ through academics, leadership, development and service to others,” said Chad A. Coltrane, executive director of Push America, a Pi Kappa Phi outreach program.

“True giving is helping someone who can never repay you,”-Anonymous. [ITALICIZE QUOTE]

This quote was a major theme for us this past year, said Chris Cole, the president Pi Kappa Phi and a junior in marketing and finance.

For the fall 2001 semester Phi Kappa Phi participated in eight volunteer events. They helped roof buildings, construct accessible nature trails, stain decks and resurface open areas, all in Breckenridge. They helped resurface playgrounds and swam with a 17-year-old boy with a disability in Fort Collins.

For spring 2002 Pi Kappa Phi participated in 11 volunteer events. They helped hand out programs and ribbons for the Martin Luther King Day celebration. The fraternity also helped the Special Olympics by scorekeeping, refereeing and socializing.

Pi Kappa Phi volunteered at a dance for disabled people. The dance was held once a month on Fridays over the past year.

Chris Cole rode from Miami to Tallahassee, Fla., to raise money for Push America. There were people who went from San Francisco, Calif., to Washington, D.C., to raise money as well.

They built wheelchair ramps for people who could not afford them. They did the first AccessABILITY, a program that helps disabled people who can’t afford assistance get it, for a child down in Loveland who had to use a wheelchair and needed a new wheelchair ramp.

“I do this because I don’t have to,” said Pat Hutchinson, a junior in computer science, talking about when he went to Florida for the alternative spring break to help build buildings.

“Pi Kappa Phi’s service activities are primarily concentrated and catered towards individuals with developmental disabilities. Our philanthropy benefits Push America,” Robert Schneider a sophomore in accounting.

This year Pi Kappa Phi does not plan on logging in the most volunteer hours, the fraternity plans to have quality over quantity, said Cole. “This year we are concentrating on quality rather than quantity.”

-Edited by Shandra Jordan, Colleen Buhrer and Ben Koerselman

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