Nov 052002
Authors: Joelle Milholm

The Ram hockey team annihilated the University of Denver on Friday night, shutting them out 11-0. The win gave the team a 6-1 record overall and 6-0 in the Western Conference.

Junior Scott Graham led the way, ripping through Denver’s defense and scoring five goals. The performance once again showed the Rams’ strong offensive side and ability to get the puck in the net.

Senior club president Shawn Kallet is impressed with the teams play so far this season.

“We are playing great hockey and we have a lot of confidence right now,” Kallet said. “Our guys think we can go through the rest of the season without losing a game.”

The first college hockey polls came out last week and placed CSU at the top in the West. Weber. Utah State followed in the No. 2 and 3 spots. Both teams lost to CSU earlier this season, while CSU’s only loss was against non-conference rival Iowa State, which is currently ranked fourth in the nation.

The Rams are now facing their longest road trip of the season with some very important games. First, they will travel to Utah this weekend for three games against Weber, Utah and Utah State.

The games will be three of the biggest of the season and are key components to winning the Western Conference and assuring a spot to nationals. The team is pumped up and ready for the challenge.

“Last week we were ranked No. 1 and this week we have to prove it,” Kallet said.

Then CSU will head to Arizona for two games against Arizona State and two more against Arizona Nov. 14-17. On Nov. 22 the team will return to Fort Collins to play Wyoming.

Underwater hockey taking action

Players on the CSU underwater hockey team got to see some real game situations on Friday night when they scrimmaged players from Denver.

In an event that happens every three weeks, the players mixed up the teams and play a series of games. Although there is not an official referee, the more experienced players take turns officiating games and keep score. It gives the new players a chance to see how real games actually work and gives experienced players the opportunity to showoff their skills.

Since the team does not have a real season and not much competition, these games are highly anticipated and enjoyed.

“The progress of our new players has been awesome,” graduate student officer Jorge Filevich said. “The level of play is increasing and I think everyone is enjoying it.”

Edited Jon Ackerman and Josh Hardin

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