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Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

It’s about that time.

Every year – it seems – a new envelope has been pushed in entertainment and something else is blamed for the actions of mischievous children.

In the early 1990s, many people blamed Beavis and Butthead, the popular MTV television show, for a few kids lighting fire to their houses.

Initial reports after the Columbine reported that Marilyn Manson inspired the gunman. It was later proven the gunman didn’t even like Manson. But Manson wasn’t the only entertainment blamed. Doom, the videogame, and other rock groups, like Rammstein, were also blamed.

Eminem has been the recent target and has been blamed for hostile views toward homosexuals and violence toward women.

Now its Jackass’ turn.

The new movie has recently been condemned for potentially inspiring a few teenagers to vandalize some golf carts at Kennedy golf course in Denver. The movie depicted people playing “bumper cars” with the golf carts and surveillance from the golf course show the kids doing almost the same thing. The damage is estimated at $10,000.

We think blaming the movie and not the teenagers for the vandalism is ridiculous. It seems when anything deviant happens, people always point their finger to what they believed inspired the action.

It is pretty clear why this happened: the teenagers were not supervised and apparently didn’t think doing such vandalism was wrong. If we were to blame anyone besides the teenagers, it would be the parents because they are responsible for the actions of the teenagers.

We think it is important that we keep a perspective on this, and all similar cases, and make sure we keep those who committed the crime accountable.

Blaming this movie does nothing to prevent such things from happening again.

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