Oct 312002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The economy is bad across the board, but the cuts to the Colorado Child Care Assistance program are targeted at the people attempting to rise above the need for welfare.

When CCCAP had to reduce their overall budget, as many organizations and departments across the United States have had to do with the current economical situation, they chose to take a three-part action. They lowered the eligibility for assistance to 140 percent above the poverty line. They reduced the number of paid sick days day care providers can take from five to three. And they cut student assistance from the program entirely.

Of course, nobody at CCCAP wanted to make any of these reductions. We understand that. To survive in today’s economy, we’re all making sacrifices. The problem with cutting students is they will force many people to drop out of school to care for their kids without day care or to take on another job to pay for the day care. It’s a no win situation for the students.

If students drop out of school, the chances of them rising above the point where they need assistance is significantly reduced. By providing them with the opportunity to complete their degree, CCCAP can be funding people who hopefully will no longer need their assistance past graduation. Obviously, people who aren’t in school but are receiving assistance may not need help forever, but the chance is lower than for students.

We acknowledge that budget cuts and sacrifices need to be made, but cutting students, who have the most hope of getting away from the need for welfare, is not the right solution.

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