Letter to the Editor

Oct 282002

To the Editor:

Shandra Jordan’s Oct. 25 column (Public terror brings out hidden patriotism) left me feeling dismayed. As an Australian exchange student I have, unfortunately, become accustomed to American students’ ignorance regarding world events and the efforts of my country in the so called, “War on Terror.”

Jordan writes, “Americans seem to feel immune to the kind of terrorism that occurs in other parts of the world.” Jordan is contradicting herself. She is saying that she will move to Australia because of the cuddly animals yet she has no knowledge about how terrorism has affected us. It appears that she views Australia as a safe place. When writing about the current danger in the U.S, she writes, “Will we all hide and move to Australia for the unusual animals?”

Our country has pledged 100 percent support for the proposed war with Iraq and the destruction of terrorism. This could lead to deaths of thousands of Australian soldiers. Our support for the U.S. may have indirectly led to the recent Bali bombings, where many young Australian holiday-makers lost their lives. This was a horrific event. My fellow Aussies and I have been grieving over the loss of people our own age, people who our friends knew and loved. Young Australians who lived in our home towns.

The Bali bombing was an attack on Australia and it shows that our country is no safer than the U.S. The Australian students at CSU would like some recognition of that fact.

Gemma McCarthy



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