Oct 282002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Collegian editorial board urges registered voters to get to the polls a week from today, and we hope to help those on the border with some of our thoughts regarding certain initiatives.

Amendment 27: On the fence

The editorial board is torn on this. This amendment attempts to put campaign financial limits on candidates in Colorado – basically a campaign finance reform in the state. Some of us like this because it opens the door to new possibilities to limit the amount of money a candidate can receive from certain individuals. It also limits the potential influence money could have on elected officials come decision-making time. But there are some loopholes of concern that could create an opportunity for candidates to receive more tainted money than is currently allowed, which goes against the amendment’s intentions. Think critically about this issue yourself and vote accordingly.

Amendment 28: Yes

The editorial board supports this amendment simply because it is another way to address low voter turnout. People sometimes don’t always have the time to get to the polls, especially in a time where days are not limited to a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job. Amendment 28 would require most elections after Jan. 1, 2005 to use mail-in ballots. The amendment also would add security and increase penalties for cases of fraud.

Amendment 29: Yes

This amendment would eliminate the role of caucuses and assembly meetings for party primaries. The board is in favor of this amendment because it could stop party elites from having an unfair advantage in the selection of candidates. Having a select few determine whom we can choose from is unfair, and any measure that could give citizens better options come election time is a good idea.

Amendment 30: Yes

The Collegian has endorsed this before, but this is important to say it again. Like Amendment 28, this allows more people an opportunity to vote because it would allow people to register on Election Day. Many people don’t vote because they miss the registration deadline, for various reasons. Students might pay particular attention because with the busy lives we lead, registering on time can easily be forgotten.

Amendment 31: No

Many Collegian columnists have been very vocal about this issue – every one of them saying no – and the editorial board also encouraged voters to say no to this before. This is unfair for Spanish-speaking children because the focus shifts from learning the discipline to learning English in a rapid fashion. It would also be a distraction in the classroom. Even Bill Owens, our governor with whom we continuously disagree on educational policy, spoke out against this initiative.

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