Letter to the Editor

Oct 272002

To the Editor:

I would like to address the comments made in the Oct. 23 Collegian by columnist Ken Hamner. In his column “Don’t be an idiot, see ‘Road to Nirvana'”, Mr. Hamner said, “The ‘theater’ they are using is actually the (Associated Students of CSU) senate chambers, which is the first time in a long, long while that the facility has actually been utilized for something useful.” On the contrary, the ASCSU senate chambers are constantly being used for a variety of activities that directly benefit the students of CSU.

Every Wednesday night the ASCSU senate meets at 6:30 p.m. in the senate chambers to hear presentations from community members, faculty, staff and administration; to review and pass bills and resolutions; and to debate hot, current issues for the students of CSU. In addition, the facility is used by the Residence Hall Association, Inter-fraternal Council and Panhellenic Council, as well as by the administration and community members.

The legislation this year’s senate has passed includes: the Memorial Flag Process, Bill #3202, which is ASCSU’s recognition of CSU students who have died while attending CSU by sending a CSU memorial flag to the student’s family; the Water Conservation Resolution, #3203, which is ASCSU’s support of the Fort Collins community and CSU in their efforts to conserve water; the Student Support for Legislative Resolution, #3204, which is ASCSU’s support of a designated CSU lobbyist to represent CSU at the state legislature; the Lory Student Center Resolution, #3207, which is ASCSU’s support of the Lory Student Center in their plan to refinance bonds to fund a renovation of the food court, Rambouillet, the University Bookstore and the north ballroom.

Legislation is read, debated and passed or rejected in the ASCSU senate chambers every Wednesday night. Currently, ASCSU is also working to reduce drunk driving and improve academic advising. The senate chambers is home to the ASCSU senate that represents all the students at CSU. Mr. Hamner is invited to attend a senate meeting observe for himself how beneficial the senate actually is to the student body.

Erin Collins

ASCSU Public Relations Specialist

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