Letter to the Editor

Oct 242002

Pikes Contribute to Positive Image of Greek Community

To the Editor:

As a student at CSU, I often see the Greek community looked upon with a negative bias or opinion. It isn’t unusual for students at CSU or members of the Fort Collins community to hear about a fraternity getting into some sort of trouble.

Oct. 11 however, was an exception to this trend with the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity participating in CSU’s annual Cans Around the Oval food drive. Pi Kappa Alpha donated more than 3,000 pounds of canned food toward the food drive, the most in the Greek community and second overall.

It is a nice change of pace to read something positive about the Greek community, more specifically a fraternity, that many people outside the university Greek system do not get to experience on a regular basis. I, on behalf of the student body at CSU and the residents of Fort Collins, would like to thank and congratulate the members of Pi Kappa Alpha. Continue to better the image of the Greek community.

Amanda Lowes

Junior, Psychology

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Oct 242002

A punk eye view on music

To the Editor:

It is disappointing when I go to see one of my favorite local bands and there is only like 30 people in the place. Chances are that a good number of these people didn’t even know that there was a band playing that night. College should be a time of exploration and discovery. As students we should be seeking out alternatives to the status quo.

We should be actively looking for bands like Touch, they’re the only band that I have heard that can sound like Sublime, Stevie Wonder, and Tool all at the same time. Or a band like Vegabond, how many of your favorite bands add keyboards and bongo player to their music.

Bands like these give us an alternative. They show us there is something else out there. Something besides the same old recycled crap that is constantly shoved down our throats by an MTV culture.

Real music should have feeling, and heart, it should have something to say. Music should affect us more deeply then just by leaving a tune or melody in our heads.

However, I’m not saying that everything that comes from the corporate music industry is evil soulless garbage. There are quite a few major label bands that I truly like, but that’s not the point.

The point I am trying to make is that we are thinking feeling humans, and we should stop living by someone else’s idea of what good music is. We need to stop letting the music industry tell us what we like, and start exploring for ourselves.

So take a night off from bar hopping, don’t go to that same old house party, go out and see a local band. A band you may have never heard of. See what else is out there. Start thinking for yourself and get a little taste of freedom.

Matthew Gallegos

Junior sociology

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