The right stuff

Oct 232002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

So you think your band has the right stuff. A quality 30-minute set, a consistent following and a couple of people who cheer when you play and think you’re really great. So you want to get booked at a big venue in Fort Collins? Here is the do-it-yourself method.

Press kits are a must. A good press kit will include a superb demo recording on CD. Make your CD smokin’ so it represents your band to its full potential. If you don’t it will be tossed in the corner of the club owner’s messy office among 50 other CDs he never listens to. Print out some information about your band’s background, biography, style, experience and a photo. The whole package should be eye-catching and exciting.

Next, drop this press kit off with the person in charge of booking the room. At Linden’s the owner, David, decides based on the demo and press kit who will perform on his stage. At the Starlight, contact Eric, at the Aggie, talk to Scoo. Local booking agent Erin Northberg also puts local bands on shows in town.

After submitting your press kit, it’s time to play the waiting game. Play as many shows as you are offered, regardless of pay or audience size. Before opening for huge bands at the Aggie, you should “Sell out the Starlight,” says Scoo of the Aggie.

“Don’t turn down opportunities just because you will not get paid,” Scoo said. “Get the experience of being on stage.”

There is no better way to get your name out then playing in front of large audiences. Selling albums and tickets are the key to success in the music industry.

“You can be more aggressive to get booked at the Starlight,” said Eric of the Starlight. “Getting together with three other local bands and selling your own tickets after putting down a deposit makes the talent buyer know that it’s worthwhile. The ideal situation is a great local band with a big fan base and consistent support. It makes my job easier.”

Never pass up an opportunity, as any performance will be a great experience and help you gain recognition. The chance exists that your band could open up for your favorite band ever at the Starlight or the Aggie, all you have to do is bring people to the shows.

“When you get national, you have to go through agents,” Scoo says.

Going through agents can be a much harder process. Usually it can take years to get recognition and tons of financial backing. If you work hard to get people to see your shows here in Fort Collins at the smaller places like Archers and Lindens then eventually you will graduate to The Starlight.

Once your band is packing the house there, chances are you will be invited to play the Aggie. All the while you’re selling tee shirts, stickers, CDs and other merchandise at your show. You want their friends to hear it so they will come too. If things seem to be going well take a small tour to surrounding cities. Start building a fan base regionally.

It takes hard work and dedication to make it in this industry especially to get national attention. Once things start happening for your band it begins to accelerate fast. Making the right choices can be the difference between success and failure. Never pass up an opportunity and always be cutting edge.

Do it yourself or ask someone for help. These basic rules apply to just about everything and that includes getting a gig in Fort Collins. The first step is to try.

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