Oct 232002
Authors: Cara Mason

The Associated Students of CSU passed a bill and Wednesday night providing funding for the November International Fest and granting funds for renovations to Lory Student Center.

The Council of International Student Affairs Allocation brought the funding request to ASCSU. The council requested $16,928.60 to help pay for the 49th annual International Fest: “Reflections of One World.” There will be 49 programs displaying information during the International Fest. Only 11 student organizations needed financial support from ASCSU for their programs.

The money will help the 11 student organizations with elaborate booth decorations, room rentals and other resources needed to produce a successful program.

Student support for Lory Student Center Bond Refinancing, a resolution regarding the renovation of the student center was also passed. Renovations are planned for the Food Court, Rambouillet, Colorado State University Bookstore and the North Ballroom.

The approximated revenue increases generated from the renovated areas will pay for the project expenses and will provide for building renovations without an increase in student fees.

A resolution titled Student Support for Panhellenic Council was discussed but not passed and was sent back to the Media Relations Committee.

-Edited by Shandra Jordan and Ben Koerselman

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