Oct 172002
Authors: Willow Welter

Sunshine Workman accepted the first award last night from a new program designed to honor good character at CSU.

The Campus of Character initiative intends to recognize a different student each month who displays certain character traits. As the first student to earn this recognition, Workman received her award last night at a Student Leader Dinner in front of over 250 student leaders and campus administrators.

“I’m very honored,” said Workman, a senior sociology major who founded CSU’s “Got Respect” campaign. “I feel a little shocked, actually.”

CSU’s Character and Community Task Force selected Workman for representing respect, one of the character qualities acknowledged by the Campus of Character program. Other traits the initiative plans to reward in future months include service, compassion, open-mindedness and integrity, among others.

“To become a campus of character we’re emphasizing these particular qualities,” said Victoria Keller, director of Service Learning and Volunteer Programs. “We’re talking about what (character) really means, beyond the language, beyond the rhetoric; what does it really look like?”

Workman’s Got Respect campaign asks students, faculty and staff to sign a pledge that signifies an acceptance of diversity, understanding of others, respect of all people and other attributes of respect.

Mayor Ray Martinez sparked the idea for Campus of Character when he introduced the “City of Character” initiative a couple years ago, said Linda Kuk, vice president of student affairs. This initiative extended to campus, beginning with the Student Leader Dinner last night.

“It’s to honor the development of character as a fundamental attribute,” Kuk explained.

Members of the Character and Community Task Force plan to encourage a different quality each month by nominating one student who they believe epitomizes the quality.

-Edited by Shandra Jordan and Becky Waddingham

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