Put out or get out

Oct 162002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

There is a common pattern among all of the popular dating TV shows. Although there are exceptions, the majority of the episodes take the same twist of fate by the conclusion.

These daytime shows include “Dismissed,” “ElimiDate,” “Ship Mates,” “the Fifth Wheel,” and “Blind Date.”

In “Dismissed” when there are two females competing for one male, the personalities of the females is clearly not high on the males’ list of qualities. His first impression is all about her body and chest size. Despite which girl he clicked with the most, his motive is all about SEX.

At least one of the girls puts on a flirtatious act such as asking him if she could kiss him or telling him the kinkiest stories of her previous sex life. In most cases, the girl who is the most forward sexually, and reveals more about her scandalous past, is also the cattiest. That includes insulting the other girl’s outfit and comments, dominating the conversations, and being just plain nasty to her competition.

When the date is over and the time has come for the male to choose between the two females, he will almost always stick with the girl who is likely to make him a lucky man by the time the next morning has arrived. That may have something to do with the fact that these young men are sure that they will not gain a girlfriend after the one date and it is all in a good day’s fun.

Since seeking a commitment does not motivate him, it is easier and more fun for him to pick the girl where something can be achieved. That something is the possibility of sex. A female can almost guarantee her dismissal the moment she mentions that she is a virgin.

It is a different scenario when the date consists of two guys and one girl. In “ElimiDate,” the girls have a pattern of being turned off quickly by any male who comes on too strong sexually. That includes telling dirty stories of their past, making constant sexual references, and putting moves on the girl. The girl eliminates the guy who is the first to lose his mystery and hard-to-get game by trying to force moves on her.

While that technique may work to win the guys over, it appears to have the opposite effect on girls. Another notable difference between guys and girls involves cattiness. Girls show signs of annoyance by the dominant male who is the nastiest to his competition because he is simply not paying enough attention to her.

She tends to choose the guy who had the most macho personality while still making her feel special, even if it means cheesy pick-up lines… just as long as he did not come on too strong and push her sexually.

The most over-used line is, “Now it is time for my part of the date. We are going to go to a bar, have a couple drinks, and get to know each other better.” Getting to know each other in depth does not take place… but the topic of sex always comes up over numerous drinks and shots. When a girl shows promise for sex later, the guy will stick with her. Meanwhile, if a guy shows promise for sex later, it makes females scared of his aggressiveness; he will soon hear, “You have been dismissed.”

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