One for the price of two

Oct 162002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Texie Evans is on her own for the first time… and in more than one way. Not only is she a freshman and experiencing life away from home, but she is also separated from her second half. Texie has an identical twin sister named Josie.

Up until the fall of 2002, the sisters did everything together. They were always known as “Texie and Josie.” They grew up in Boise, Idaho with one older sister who could not help but feel left out. The twins played soccer together, they shared a car, they covered for each other regarding unwanted phone calls, they hung around the same group of friends in high school, they occasionally had identical dreams and they even attempted to switch places in their classes.

The girls also differed in various aspects. Texie is more social and less reserved. She is better in math while Josie is a better writer. Texie smiles with her mouth open and Josie smiles with hers closed. Their facial expressions are not equal, but they always seem to share the same state-of-mind. Fortunately, they always had opposite tastes in men so they avoided problems in that area.

When the time arrived to pick what colleges to attend, they both decided to move to Colorado. While Josie decided UNC was the place for her, Texie made the difficult decision to go to CSU by herself. She feels that it is a good experience to be separated. “It is good to have my own identity,” said Texie.

The sisters still make a point to visit each other every week.

Now that Texie is on her own, she is concentrating on becoming her own person. She is a freshman living in Ellis Hall, majoring in French and loves her roommate. She also waits tables at CB & Potts. She feels that the major difference between Boise and Fort Collins are the drivers.

“Colorado drivers are awful!” said Texie. “Nobody signals when they switch lanes, they always ride your butt… the whole state of Colorado!”

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