Letter to the Editor

Oct 162002

To the Editor:

A month ago, Maria Sanchez-Traynor claimed that “Sept 11 remains an American event,” (Opinion, Sept. 12) despite people from 89 nationalities dying on Sept. 11, and despite the support shown by countries around the world, including Australia, through military action, foreign policies and emotional memorial services.

Now, it becomes obvious that this attack was not just an American event. Over 180 people are believed to have died from a car bomb in a nightclub in Bali, a tourist destination frequented mostly by Australians. Thirty-one Aussies have been confirmed dead and another 180 missing, with many more bodies lying unidentified in the morgue. Already President Bush, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Indonesian Defense Minister Matori Abdul Djalil have voiced suspicions that al-Qaida is behind the bombings.

Oliver Cook said America has “non-existent allies” (Opinion, Sept 11) Australia, and Britain, have been behind America throughout history, and never more so than in the fight against terrorism. It is obvious that America is not alone in the fight against terrorism, and now that Australia has suffered greatly in what has been dubbed “Australia’s Sept. 11,” perhaps our efforts to support America will no longer go unnoticed.

Sarah Jefford

Senior, Psychology Major.

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