Oct 152002
Authors: Laura Kath

Pi Kappa Alpha, the biggest fraternity on the CSU campus, donated more cans than anyone else in the Greek life community for Cans Around the Oval, Thursday.

The Pikes gave about 3,000 pounds and spent about $500.

Additionally, double pounds are given out if there is a shortage of a certain food item at the Food Bank for Larimer County. If that item is given, the organization recieves double the pounds for that item.

With the double pounds, the Pikes gave 5,307 pounds in cans.

Pikes used to win it every year, but in the past few years other sororities and fraternities have given more cans for Greek life in Cans Around the Oval.

Pike members also went out into the community to raise cans. Each member was given an area from which they were responsible for finding donations.

Pikes brought paper bags around with notes on the bag that asked households to give as much as they were able to give. The members then went back a few days later to collect the donated cans.

Some businesses also gave cans to the Pikes for the event.

“It just takes time and effort to win, and this event is definitely worth our time and effort,” said Andrew Reiseeck, a sophomore majoring in business open-option. “We are doing a lot of community service.”

Pikes are raising money for food baskets for people in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are helping with the Boys and Girl’s clubs in Loveland, by hosting a basketball camp and coaching a football team, as well as many other activities.

They participated in the Delta Delta Delta Frats at Bat. When Sigma Alpha Epsilon had a member die in the cliff diving accident, they donated money to the person’s hometown to have a hockey rink put up in his name.

“We want to improve the Greek life reputation. Greek life tends to have a bad name in the community,” said Jeff Cowles, a junior in business marketing.

“We won it in the past, and hopefully we can win the whole thing next year, not just give the most from the Greek life community,” said Mike Davidson, a senior majoring in speech communication.

-Edited by Shandra Jordan, Colleen Buhrer and Ben Koerselman

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